Machine learning based customers profiling system

Project goals

iDecide is a decentralized voting platform that allows anyone to vote anonymously and check if his vote was recorded correctly. The platform is designed to allow quick and simple integration with 3rd party systems via iDecide API.


Based on the experience of developing another our project "Platform B", this solution is also based on Multichain Blockchain. Backend code is written of ASP.NET Core 2.0. iDecide implements RESTful Web API interface, that allows other systems to integrate with our solution. To demonstrate the abilities of the platform API we have implemented sample user interface based on Angular 4.

Every voting in our system has own currency – token, and only holder of such token can vote it certain voting. So, all business logic is built in internal token transactions. Any user that decide to have read-only node could check all transaction on blockchain level.


iDecide is available here: